How Would you like us to fit into your special day?

Why bother booking live music for your wedding? We've all been to that wedding with the embarrassing singer blasting out 'Don't Stop Me Now' or the bored looking string quartet. A live musician's job at a wedding is to help the bride and groom create the aesthetic and vibe they are looking for. We are not the centre of attention, you are. We support you on your big day, reading the room and providing just the right background atmosphere; we help break the ice between your guests; we provide entertainment and add a touch of class and style which you just can't get from a playlist, trust us...

We've put together some packages which, from experience, we know work well. If you have a different plan, or specific idea, please get in touch.

Wedding Package 1

Ceremony and Drinks Reception - £700

This is by far our most popular package, you will get:

- Music for the entrance of the Bride (we will learn a song of your choice)

- Music during the signing of the register (choose from sample repertoire)

- Music for the recessional (we will learn another song of your choice)

------- we will pack down and reset in new location --------

- 2 x 45min sets (with short break between) during your drinks reception

- Skype/Zoom call to discuss all details at planning stage

We use a range of instruments and song choices to offer you variation during the day. We also have heavy duty batteries so can play outside if you would like, just let us know beforehand.

Wedding Package 2

After dinner music and first dance £500

Another really popular package, this is a great way for us to fill in that gap when some of your guests have finished eating. We can raise the energy in the room ahead of speeches and warm them up to pave the way for a long night of dancing as we hand over to a DJ. We can help you craft your first dance moment exactly as you want it too.

- 45min background during dinner music (we will use violin, guitar and brushes on the drums, starting subtly and gradually becoming more upbeat as your guests finish eating)

-------break for speeches-------

- 45min after dinner dancing (we will play more upbeat songs and intereact with your guests to get them dancing.)

- First dance request (we will learn the song of your choice, shortened or extended as you need for your perfect first dance)

- Skype/Zoom call to tailor your exact plan

You could also have both sets after dinner as an early evening dance session, or one set before your first dance and one set after, it's totally up to you. We'll discuss your schedule with you and make sure this part of the evening is stress free for you and great fun for your guests.

Wedding Package 3

Ceremony music - £450

The bride's entrance is the most important, most emotional moment in the whole day, we've got you covered. You will get:

- Music to entertain your guests while they wait for the bride

- Music for the entrance of the Bride (we will learn a song of your choice)

- Music during the signing of the register (Choose from sample repertoire)

- Music for the recessional (we will learn another song of your choice)

We will adapt our set to fit the location of your ceremony. For example, in a small church we would use just violin, guitar and vocals. For a slightly larger or outdoor space we might add drums with brushes, it's up to you.

Wedding Package 4

Drinks Reception £450

As a guest at a wedding, the period of time after the ceremony before the wedding breakfast can often feel quite long. While you're getting the perfect photo elsewhere, we'll make sure your guests are entertained in your absence. We can craft our set so that we start subtly as background music and end up playing more lively tunes, reading the room and warming up your guests for the rest of the day. You will get:

- Two 45min sets with a short break in between

- A Skype/Zoom call to discuss details

We understand what it is like trying to plan a wedding and manage a budget, which is why we believe in transparent pricing. We have no 'hidden fees' and we don't quote clients different amounts. We put the same effort, attention and expertise into every single wedding we play, our pricing reflects that.

The packages above cover the total cost to you EXCEPT TRAVEL COSTS. We work these out at 35ppm each way from our flat in Bristol (BS5). Below is a table to give you an idea of how much this works out to for different areas of the UK. Please get in touch for an exact quote but hopefully these figures are useful as a rough guide when doing your planning.

Bath - Add £7.00 to your chosen wedding package

Hereford - Add £30.10 to your chosen wedding package

Cardiff - Add £30.10 to your chosen wedding package

Birmingham - Add £53.20 to your chosen wedding package

Tintagel, Cornwall - Add £77.70 to your chosen wedding package

Brighton - Add £79.80 to your chosen wedding package 

 Edinburgh - Add £218.40 to your chosen wedding package